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Data capture services entry content management conversion india


Data Conversion, Data Capture, mining and Content Management

With rapid changes in technology and relatively short obsolescence cycles, clients often face problems relating to different formats in which information / data is originally available & the need to convert it to an intelligible form. Additionally, information inputs are growing at a mind-boggling pace making it virtually impossible for any decision maker to conduct his/her own research and obtain relevant information.

Clients today want to focus on their core business functions and value-added activities, leaving the non-value added activities to external agencies who can provide them specific inputs for effective decision- making.

Micrographics India's long experience & association with the best brands in the imaging industry - Kodak, Minolta, Zeutschel, BUIC, Anacomp, Microvue etc. has enabled development of proficient skill levels in data capture /data entry/ extraction and data conversion from varied source formats (print film or electronic) to a range of currently available output formats, analog or digital.

Microfilm - 16mm, 35mm roll film
Microfiche -standard and large format
Micro jackets
Aperture cards
Printed text
Digital / Electronic files - range of formats
Media (CD/VCD/DVD etc.)
Magnetic media
Technical drawings

Microfilm - any format
Computer output Microfilm
Data printed matter on paper
Digital / Electronic data files - range of formats
Raster and Vector conversion
Data base provided by client
Data base designed by us to meet the client's specific requirements
For G.I.S. conversion services please ask for further information.

Over the past 15 years, Micrographics India has successfully managed, compiled and delivered key content to some of our large private as well as Government clients. Some of the projects undertaken include-

Retrieved shareholder information from microfilms / microfiches to compile a database of prospective High Net Worth Customer base for financial, loan, mortgage, mobile, consumer products, insurance, credit card & hospitality companies.
Extracted old policy data and other personal information for insurance companies from Digital images.
Captured loan information for financial Institutions from microfilm /CDs.
Various assignments on Indexing information services and cataloging for high volume scanning jobs.
Extracted specific area contact details for utilities.
Registry details from microfilms to electronic database.
Court & county records from microfilm to digital format.
Birth & death records from microfilm to e-database.
Extraction of information from directories.
Retrieving employee record history from digital/ microfilm format.
Converting old newspapers to text & digital format & cataloguing

For Digital library conversion ---please ask for more information