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Page Composition, Graphic Designing, Pre-Press / Publishing Services

Micrographics India provides a comprehensive range of Pre - Press & Publishing solutions in a) Conventional / Analog mode, b) Digital / Electronic publishing mode and c) Cross media or multiple channels suitable for-
Book Publishers
Professional Associations
Journal Publishers
Corporate Newsletters / Reports
Government & Quasi-Government agencies
Non Government Organizations (NGOs)
Financial Institutions
Insurance, Telecom & Utility Companies
International Institutions
Technical Manuals & Document Publishers
Medical & Scientific Journals & Books
Geographical Documentation
Reference Books
Coffee-table Books
Scholarly & Research Publications
E-Books / E-Journals
Content Creation & Management Organisations
Directory Listings & many more.

We recognize that every client's requirements are unique to their own business and therefore, we customize our range of service to meet their specific needs through-
Thorough understanding of the business needs & functions
Highly skilled production staff & specialists with experience in executing assignments for industry leading publishers
Meeting the highest standards of quality and strict adherence to project time lines

Book Services

The biggest challenge that large publishing houses face today is to meet publishing deadlines, especially when dealing with multiple clients. Scholarly & content rich books have critical time constraints & it becomes essential to reduce the interval between submission of manuscripts by the authors, typesetting & composing, copy-editing, page layout & designing, proofing & final production.

Our experienced project management team closely monitors the workflow at every stage meeting the highest quality standards to ensure assignment completion & delivery within the specified budget and timelines. Our endeavour is to render the best professional services at the most competitive rates. Our Services include:
Front-End Content Production
Creation & Illustration services
High Quality Scanning & Subsequent Processing
Editorial Services
Copy Editing
Proofing & Production
Multi-channel / Cross Publishing Features like Electronic Publishing, XML / SGML
PDF To DOC Conversion services
Producing Postscript or PDF Files

Our clients retain the flexibility of updating & proofing the composed pages through an FTP server or on the Internet.

Journal / Periodical / Newsletter / Corporate Communication Services

Leading professional associations & universities in the scientific, technical, medical, financial, management & media arena publish journals periodically, some even weekly, resulting in short publishing cycles with print deadlines. Content collection & management is a challenging task for the editorial teams who are constantly under pressure.

We specialize in providing collaborative support to the entire range of activities from typesetting, composing, copy-editing, page design, illustration, graphs, graphics, charts, photo images processing etc. to ensure a quick turn around time.

Professional as well as Non-Profit organizations always have an eye on controlling costs, and hence we endeavour to keep our charges as economical & competitive as possible to suit their budgets.

We provide cross media services so that the content can be distributed in a traditional hard copy, microfilm, magnetic as well as digital formats, using the latest cutting edge technology. We also provide digital archiving services as most these journals have to be retained and referenced for all times to come.

Graphic Design / Illustrations

We have a highly skilled & experienced creative team of graphic designers, fully proficient with the latest application software and design tools in the marketplace. Based on your conceptual feedback and design needs, the team is capable of designing & realizing the most appealing visuals and illustrations.

Some of the areas where you will find our services extremely attractive in terms of quality & pricing are:
Cover Design
Photo Image Processing
Clip-art / figures for Medical / Technical books / Journals
Manuals / Technical Documentation
CD / DVD Labels

Conversion Services

Micrographics India has a team of experienced software & other professionals with an expertise in conversion services i.e. to convert data from a range of source formats to a electronic publishing format.

Information/Data available across different formats and sources (hard/soft copy) can be collected, processed and converted to a single integrated format as desired by the client or vice-versa for cross-media or multiple channel publishing & dissemination.

The final output can be made available to the client in any desired digital format (MS Word/Excel, DTP formats, PDF, HTML, XML, SGML etc.)

Key Boarding

Micrographics India provides highly accurate, quality and fast speed Keyboarding / Data entry services with a rigorous verification process. A comprehensive range of services with proofing and editing options are also available. This ensures that large volumes of data is keyed in ensuring .
Efficiency &

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Micrographics India uses the latest OCR applications for capturing the text / data through forms and other hardcopy sources for archival and cataloging purposes. As with all our services, a thorough verification and proofing process is undertaken to ensure quality & accuracy of the information archived.

Variable / Multiple Format Scanning & Conversion

Micrographics India, a specialist in the field of Microfilming services and an affiliate of Kodak provides scanning solutions from-
Microfilms, Rolls And Microfiche
Aperture Cards
Micro jackets
Books / Manuscripts / Fragile References
Large Volume Documents
Maps, Technical Drawings (Upto A0 Size)

The output files may be converted to any desired format, based on the client's needs viz. TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG etc. All such images can be indexed & printed, saved on CD/DVD or digitally archived. High quality CD/DVD labeling services & low cost 'Duplication' services are also available.