Microfilm Crossover™ Digital Film Viewer/Scanner

The M200 ViewScan® offers small-volume operators and walk-up patrons:

* intuitive Windows desktop application for a clutter-free screen and ease-of-use

* the convenience of viewing enhanced digital live images on a PC screen before scan, capture and output

* incredible capture speed (1/6 second at 300 dpi)

* enhanced viewing that eliminates negative images, scratches and dust

* exclusive ViewScan® software that allows for:
   o fast browsing
   o digital and optical zooming
   o Scissor Cut™ enhanced cropping and masking
   o auto-enhanced saving
   o at-a-glance thumbnails of captured images
   o easy and versatile file management
   o ICIR™ (Immediate Captured Image Review)


Consider your first computer and compare it in size and capability to today's mobile technology. Similarly, ViewScan's engineering takes advantage of technological advances to create a smaller reader-printer footprint while increasing scan and capture capabilities and options.The ViewScan® design features:

* a single system that houses power sources, light sources and film carrier for microfilm, microfiche and micro-cards.

* camera firmware and circuitry housed within a single unit that requires no external power supply

* optimization for microform imaging with the latest in German camera and lens technology for precision, miniaturization and reliability

* an unobstructed film path for easy access, loading, controlling and viewing

Modular and Affordable

Designed to offer the maximum in flexibility for varying capture requirements and budgets, the modular build of the M200 ViewScan® virtually guarantees that the system cannot become obsolete, thereby protecting initial investment.

Basic system is powered by a single, low-energy power source compatible with a wide range of interchangeable and upgradeable carrier options, including:

* microfiche, micro-card and aperture card fiche-only carrier

* inexpensive manual roll-film and fiche combo carrier

* industry-standard motorized 16mm and 35mm roll-film and fiche combo carriers with 3M cartridge option; compatible with major name brands

* easy updates for special imaging requirements and technology advances

* easy upgrading of camera components for technology advances

* minimal service and maintenance requirements

Easy To Use

Utilizing the ViewScan® Microfilm Crossover™ technology, the unit combines onscreen controls for varying-speed motorized film movement with manual micro-movement of analog system hand controls.

* On-screen film movement controls

* Manual film movement knobs

* Controls for slow, medium and fast modes in both hardware (push button) or software

Environmentally Sound

Ever-cognizant of its environmental impact, the compact design of the ViewScan® is RoHS-compliant, CE-certified and significantly reduces physical footprint and energy costs.

Scanning Type
Microfilm (16/35mm); microfiche; opaque microcards; aperture cards; and more.

Image Sensor

High resolution 6.5 fps monochrome sensor

Grayscale Mode

256 grayscale capture; can produce grayscale and bi-tonal output.

Optical Resolution

Multiple modes up to more than 600 dpi "at document".

Zoom Range

7x to 54x optical zoom; 7x to 96x digital auto-zoom®.

Light Source

CCFL true color (not green) florescent lamp and LED lamps with lifetime warranty.

Scan Speeds

1/6 second at 300 dpi; higher resolutions in one second.

Maximum Area

35mm x 51mm; exceeds full aperture card requirements.

Power Adapter

13.8 VDC 2A.

Power Source

AC 100-240 V 50Hz - 60Hz.

PC Recommendations

2+ GB RAM; 2+ GHz speed; 512 MB video card; Intel Core Duo CPU (or later); 17" or larger monitor (works very well with 24" pivot or non-pivot screens); one USB 2.0 port; one FireWire card (provided at no additional charge)

Operating Systems

Compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7 Microsoft operating systems (32- and 64-bit configurations).
Screen Refresh 30 frames per second
Dimensions/Weight M200 ViewScan®: 30.48cm x 43.18cm x 16.83 cm; 4.5kg
M200 ViewScan® UC9 Universal Microform Motorized Carrier 63.5 cm x 30.48cm x 16.83cm; 5 kg
M200 ViewScan® FC9 Microfiche/Aperture Card Only Carrier 63.5 cm x 30.48cm x 16.83cm; 5 kg

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