MCL 500 16/35/105 mm 2 FPM Color 0 10 FPM Black & White

Designed for Medium Volume Lab Requirements     

* Solid-state PID-type temperature control system delivers the highest degree of solution temperature accuracy for our users.

* Film transport control utilizes electronic encoder feedback for unparalleled accuracy of running speed.

* "Sidewinder" load and take-up stations reduce lab space requirements.

* Water-saving valve on incoming water line conserves resources.

* Alarms for splice break and rising load accumulator are designed to save film and reduce downtime.

* All stainless steel/titanium construction.

* Double-supported upper shafts maintain minimal tension on the film to reduce the possibility of splice breaks.

* Large complement of standard and optional accessories for tailoring the process to meet the exact needs of individual users.

Film Type
35/16mm or 16mm only

Film Output, FPM (mpm)

35/16mm: 23 (7.0)
16mm only: 46 (14.0)

Film Load

2000' foot reel


Daylight (Standard); darkroom (Optional)

Solution Temperature Control

PID type, 0.25 degree F control window

Alarms (Audible)

End of film; splice break; load accumulator; film low

Alarm Overrides

Film low; Splice break


115/230V or 120/208V, 50/60Hz; others on request

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