Organisation and their Management have realised the need to focus resources on their core businesses. Increasingly functions such as HR, Records Management, Storage, Facility Management & support functions are being outsourced to specialised third parties who have proven competence in the field.

As a leading service provider in the areas of records and information management we bring the following distinct advantages to the client -

1. Upto date technical competence based on our constant interaction with World reputed principals and leaders in document storage technology.

2. Cumulative experience of over 15 years of working with Government, Public Sector, State and Quasi Government, Multinational Corporations, Banks and Financial Institutions, Commercial Organisations, Research Institutes, Libraries etc.

3. Complete turnkey solution to records and information management issues through digital and archival microfilm technologies.

4. Once the documents are generated - the complete responsibility of filing, imaging, indexing, preservation and storage is handled by our expert staff. Documents are retrieval on demand. In most case the cost of the turnkey service is more economical than in-house cost. Another major advantage is that there is no manpower liability or obligation on the client.

So call us today and let us help you to solve your documents / record management problems.