Micrographics India is a Premier Microfilm / digital service and support organisation in India. It is synonymous with microfilming and digital record preservation in India - our list of clients includes the most prestigious Government, Public Sector, State and Quasi Government, Multinational Corporations, Banks and Financial Institutions, Commercial Organisations, Research Institutes, Libraries etc.

We pride in our ability to handle varied nature of assignments. We specialise in customising equipment, indexing, training, storage and preservation as per the clients specific requirements.

Nature of projects undertaken :

1. Microfilming of thousands of year's old manuscripts on palm leaf, paper & cloth. Our turnkey assignment also involved oiling, cleaning and paper preservation of the manuscripts. This service is provided at client location.

2. Microfilming of complete Land & Revenue Records of Govt of Delhi dating back more than 200 years.

3. Microfilming and corresponding computerised verification system of Commercial Licences of Transport Department of the State Government. It was a landmark project as it resulted in complete stoppage of issuance of fraudulent licences.

4. Microfilming and corresponding computerised verification of Criminals in Delhi. The system resulted in almost instant verification of fingerprints and identification of criminals after tallying prints from the scene of crime.

5. Microfilming and corresponding computerised verification of million of paid dividend warrants of Unit Trust of India. The system resulted in Stoppage of fraudulent double claim of dividends by Unit Holders.

6. Microfilming and corresponding computerised verification of paid drafts of State Bank of India, New Delhi. The project led to installation of a system whereby repetitive claIMS on drafts were eliminated and it also helped considerably in the reconciliation process.

7. Microfilming of leading Newspapers & Published material.

8. Microfilming & Indexing of records of International Monitoring Station. The system enabled easy reference to material out of lakhs of transcripts dating back 50 years.

9. Digital conversion of rare books in true colour and recording on CD ROM.

10. Scanning of microfilming of rare French manuscripts on microfilm and conversion to CD-ROM.

11. Engineering Drawing of Railways & Storage on aperture cards for easy retrieval.

12. Scanning of aperture cards of leading automobile company and conversion on CD ROM.