Meanwhile in the early 90's when the import restrictions were still high - we signed up a technical manufacturing agreement with BUIC Spa of Italy for high speed rotary microfilm cameras with speeds upto 20,000 documents per hour.

We also received technical support for manufacture of readers from MICROVUE. Several hundred equipments of various types are installed over India and wherever the clients have Annual Maintenance Agreements with us - the equipment are still providing useful service.

In late 90's with the advent of the digital technologies for recording - Micrographics India equipped itself for providing the latest technology and services to clients.

The following ranges of services are available
Source document microfilming
Conversion & data extraction
Software development
Web enabling
Facilities Management
* on site
  * off site
Equipment sale, lease or hire for
  * Microfilming
  * Scanning
  * Recording
Spares, Media & Consumables
Service & Technical Support
In the past few years we have succesfully undertaken specific job assignments from overseas clients. These include
Data Conversion & Data Capture from microfilms or digital forms
Indexing of large volume scanned images
Architectural drawings detailing
Data entry and creation of databases from microfilm and microfiche
Data mining from CD images
Developing specific retrieval software
Technical Drawings digitisation
So call us today for your Document Management requirements.